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blauvasan's turn Dr Chinkus defended 5v1, 6 to 6, (2,1,1,1,1 to 6)
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Sunday November 15, 2015
nice experience with blauvasan :)
avesano on Wednesday November 4, 2015
pga and doesn't respect flags
KoreaLeague on Thursday June 16, 2011
I flag to him but he attack me cos he "boring" STUPID ASSHOLE!!
komorowski on Tuesday February 22, 2011
Honorable. Took a lower place than he had to to keep an earlier agreement in the game that I was in.
4saken on Monday August 16, 2010
good player, honorable one
ra# on Monday August 16, 2010
PGA with crystal4444
Pot of Gold on Sunday July 4, 2010
looks like he crys rape to a lot of people. funny thing about countering a flag- I wanted 1st or 2nd place. red flagged to you and the only person he could attack was me. you decided to attack the person i was fighting(cause there was only 4 people left and you couldn't get to me). we "countered" your flag.. nah we 'truced' against you- maybe we *flagged* to each other. if we fought each other while you and red attacked us we'd either have to flag you guys and take 3/4 or flag each other and take 1/2. my partner couldn't attack yours he HAD to fight you. i didn't attack you at all. you didnt want to flag to the person you tried to 2v1 and i killed your partner. sure your gonna be butthurt when you lost but it was a balanced fight we just prevented you from 2v1 and apparently you needed help for the position you wanted but it was still a fair fight.
unlucky4bunny on Tuesday June 29, 2010
Nadira on Thursday June 17, 2010
:D @ HenriBug ! i never said that i fight for 4th!...i was just flagging green and told a few times that is fight 2/5 and just 2/5 not for 4th!
blauvasan on Wednesday June 16, 2010
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