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Cool player. Spoke to us about his boyfriend.
badstack2 on Friday June 28, 2013
yohann2008sex has an incredibly offensive avatar, please remove. Also, where are complaints supposed to be filed?
Jane Doe on Saturday May 25, 2013
Cool player. Spoke us about his family
Milo90 on Sunday April 14, 2013
OK man I submit..........Playing this game without chat is near impossible if you don't have 1st. Obvisously I was having a bad day and would of appreciated a warning.........Well, maybe you did warn me. I was so freaking mad I could hardly breathe........Anyways I understand why you revoked my chatting rights and I apoligize. If you are to grant them back I will substitute the word freaking for fucking........Also, I will not threaten to rape anybody's friends or family again............I see now how my behavior was intorerable. I will take my time on suspension to reflect on myself as a human being.
@guest346 on Wednesday April 10, 2013
does not respect flags
Migsy on Sunday April 7, 2013
Are you 10? How is boobs in a bikini pornographic????
Adam_ on Sunday August 7, 2011
Mr. Honda, I think in certain cases of abuse - like this one your rule should apply: http://tinypic.com/r/28gzblz/7 Could you please -chat the aforementioned account? It is also vulgar and defaming another player.
kurwa69 on Tuesday July 26, 2011
Good guy
TheBetterYodel on Monday July 25, 2011
hundepriester on Monday July 25, 2011
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