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I'm not going to just bash this guy, even though he has given me plenty of ammo, I will just say I find it interesting any individual on this site can truly believe this game is 100% skill based. The fact I made a comment saying "tournaments get kinda rigged when it gets down to the final couple" (in regards to starts especially), happytoscrap was happy to scrap verbally and took it upon himself to lecture me about how kdice isn't rigged, and why it wouldn't be rigged, and how the game is about skill not luck. Guy is clearly having a difficult real life, and thus something like this he is decent at (I've played many times with him, normally a good guy and good player) he takes it to heart when you say it's not *really* always his skill that gets him a win. See a doctor happy, I am not a doctor but did study a bit of psychology and you come across a bit tense and may need anxiety medication...or bumped up on your current dosage.
Dick Tucker on Thursday June 2, 2016
weirdo - does unecessary moves
Grux on Monday May 2, 2016
http://kdice.com/games/73758259 He admitted he will never stop being a douchebag to me. I've tried to be nice. I told him I hope he dies but that's meant for the tournament only. I flagged him, before i told him I don't like him, but I'm not stupid enough to pge him and ruin a tourney, and yey he does it anyways just to fuck it all up for me. I've barely played anything today and he is the reason why. So I guess you mods will probably keep him around for that reason alone. I've been nice and tried to be this whole fucking time but I can't be nice to someone who will never be nice to me. It will be bullshit if I get banned because he wanted to be a fucking asshole to me and I'm not allowed to speak out about it. And even worse if he is allowed to continue on playing too. But I bet nothing gets done about this, and I bet the only one who does get punished, if at all, is me. I'm tired of this asshole treating me like shit when I've tried to be nice.
Lalita Lani on Monday March 7, 2016
Told me Nazi - only because im German. Flame about Flags. BAD PLAYER.
Malcolm4k on Friday March 4, 2016
Backstabber killing a player who flag in tourney Dont trust
@HarunKavun on Sunday December 27, 2015
junobeach on Friday August 14, 2015
Good player, respects others. Always a pleasure to play KDice with him.
arkenkor on Monday August 3, 2015
Fingerbib on Sunday August 2, 2015
noob player
69JJ69 on Monday July 6, 2015
He does not respect flags.
NextJ on Saturday July 4, 2015
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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