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just kills people who flag
play mate on Sunday December 10, 2017
The problem with your last copy and paste on my wall is that I don't have 309 reviews.....must try harder.
Rafkrik on Monday December 4, 2017
You are a disgusting human being 48430934809 you should receive a lifetime ban on this site for the things you say about others completely unfounded!!
No Cycling on Thursday November 30, 2017
Threatened me with rape. Mods, please please ban this user.
48430934809 on Wednesday November 29, 2017
Backstabber. Not to be trusted.
Hero On Time on Wednesday November 15, 2017
pussy player, always looking truce
zioro2 on Friday November 3, 2017
you copying my review doesnt change the fact that YOU stabbed ME. After flagging early.
Monsanto on Monday October 23, 2017
Copy that. No Cycling kills flagged players. BACKSTABBER!!!!
asdzxc on Friday July 28, 2017
Backstabber. Not to be trusted.
Mikeypooo on Thursday January 19, 2017
asshole, staber
13r on Saturday January 7, 2017
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