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Captain Ramius

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i like
queerer on Wednesday December 6, 2017
my favorite color is red
Ciaran needs poi on Thursday November 9, 2017
PGA with wool. Big shit.
XIV Louis on Wednesday September 13, 2017
Captain Ramius's turn Anie defeated 7v1, 21 to 5, (4,2,2,2,4,1,6 to 5) Anie defeated 6v3, 27 to 12, (1,4,5,6,6,5 to 5,6,1) +0 for 3rd -445 for dominance Rank: 96th Score: -445 to 9987â??. Anie finishes 3rd in round 18 Anie stands up +500 for 2nd +556 for dominance +800 for 4 kills Rank: 22nd Score: +1856 to 23988â??. Captain Ramius finishes 2nd in round 18 Captain Ramius stands up Bear1872's turn +2500 for 1st +444 for dominance Rank: 31st Score: +2944 to 21499â??. Bear1872 finishes 1st in round 18
Captain Ramius on Thursday August 17, 2017
idiot stabber , dont trust him
xXxJozefxXx on Saturday August 5, 2017
do not respect flag
KDancer on Sunday April 9, 2017
i like his beard
HammerHeadNo1 on Tuesday March 21, 2017
Grux on Friday February 17, 2017
seems he now only to play an unfair game
Tippy G on Friday January 27, 2017
I concur on the nude comment.
hcdug on Friday January 20, 2017
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