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to be honest yea i did masturbate and cummed on your face.. my bad. get a life its a game
paliobetougia on Tuesday March 24, 2009
always a good sport.
DaShiVa on Wednesday June 18, 2008
shadowz, kdicefreak, femme, pizza and I suck get hugs and free pony rides. nightstalker and MrMcCartney get lumps of poo. adtsm is just having a legitimate difference of opinion with me, so he gets a handshake.
kersplatt on Tuesday June 17, 2008
wrong post, pls disregard.
kdicefreak on Tuesday June 17, 2008
Good player. Respectfull.
_ShaDowZ_ on Tuesday June 17, 2008
"I 4v4'd him for a territory we were both fighting for. Beat him fair and square. He whines about it for the rest of the game and urges other players to kill me. Fortunately, everyone else thought he was a knob too. Kept on whining after he wound up with 3rd place. Needs to get a prescription for some SSRIs or something." Ok, some facts for your hyperbole... Your 4v4 was a knee-jerk suicide response to your original plan failing - ignoring any opportunity to settle it sensibly I did not whine for the rest of the game, I told you you were a prick and got on with getting points despite your fuckwittery. I didn't urge anyone to kill you. If yellow hadn't flag 4, despite trying to flag 2, he would have killed you. Nobody else commented, and yellow was pissed he wasn't allowed to flag 2. After I got 3rd, you left. So, all you speak is bullshit. The way you play is retarded. Next time, shut up and fuck off
MrMcCartney on Tuesday June 17, 2008
A respectable player. Always fun to play with.
FemmeFatale on Sunday June 15, 2008
Good player, nice guy. Totally trustable.
pizza_the_hutt on Sunday June 15, 2008
flags should be respected over truces, only shady corrupt players believe otherwise. If flags are not respected over truces someone is getting raped and that isn't cool.
adtsm on Wednesday June 11, 2008
Clearly, kersplatt totally rocks.
I_suck on Monday February 18, 2008
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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