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flags to set up a truce. best to kill this one right away
Preston on Friday July 24, 2015
stabbed me
DizzyBat on Thursday July 23, 2015
has no common sense.. kill him when u can if u don't will regret it
Amoos on Sunday October 12, 2014
noob player
matrix9812 on Friday October 10, 2014
this piece of shit fucks his dog and doesnt have the decency to wear a rubber
InvaderX on Monday September 22, 2014
sore loser & doesnt give kill
JUSTcallmePRE on Tuesday September 2, 2014
A complete asshole dictator, tried to dictate the game after everyone flagged to him. Don't trust, horrible player who can't speak properly.
jakndaxter on Saturday April 13, 2013
round 2 flagger, kill on sight, never accept it, and most importantly of all, don't ignore these reviews when playing with him, i made that mistake and i can confirm that they're 100% true, only missing the fact that he diddles his twat to kiddie porn
@SKaradeg on Saturday March 23, 2013
GohoneyGo on Friday March 22, 2013
Very low-iq eurotrash. Ignore or kill.
pussyduster on Friday March 22, 2013
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