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not one good review. I wont pile on enough has been said.
jumper25 on Wednesday July 27, 2016
talks like a retard, plays like a fuckin pest.
junobeach on Saturday August 15, 2015
Such players should be kicked, played like a retarded prostitute.
Vilosofy on Friday August 7, 2015
existing reviews say it all but i will repeat one more time for good measure...this guy is a piece of shit through and through
NO SOUP 4 U on Wednesday July 29, 2015
what a waste of skin piece of fucking shit cant be trusted
@don15037249 on Saturday July 18, 2015
Doesn't accept flags.
DanWonder22 on Sunday July 12, 2015
Your reviews speak for themselves :) no need to say some more..
bestoftherest on Wednesday July 8, 2015
continues to be a fuckin stabber prick, michele, go fuck yourself you piece of shit
Sabala on Monday June 29, 2015
very bad attitude
daniiiii on Wednesday June 3, 2015
He/She flags me then wipes me out, on a 500 table where I desperately was trying to win. Not honorable, not nice, not respectful. I was nothing but fair. get a hard flag, don't trust, kill on site. this type of behavior is not ok. mean player.
adtsm on Thursday May 28, 2015
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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