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Recognized on 1:06 PM, Friday August 28, 2009 EDT by KDICEMOD
Consistently one of the best players on KDice. A good ambassador of the game.

This player has been modded by the community

PGA's or any intent to help another player prior to a game is entirely unacceptable. Group efforts to boost the points of one player is not tolerated. This is a serious offense. Therefore, as a result, you are banned for 14 days. -play fiero600 11:49 PM, Wednesday July 30, 2008 EDT

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hi madhat, why don't you play kdice anymore? people like slim p need to get banned.
greeen on Monday August 15, 2016
Backstabbed on the final table of a tourney! Be careful, DO NOT TRUST.
IDGAFOS on Thursday February 13, 2014
totally son of a bitch!!!
kskmemory on Tuesday January 28, 2014
one of the unfairest player i have seen here.
Tippy G on Friday January 17, 2014
twinky: YA MY DICK GOT LIFE ALL OVA UR FACE twinky: YA MARRIED TO MY DICK ntegraI: twinky stabs integraI: lair player twinky: I STAB UR BUTT, RUSHWING twinky: THATS ABOUT IT rushwing: twinky twinky: shhh, rush, keep suckin plz
rushwing on Sunday November 24, 2013
Watching Sam and Shad PGA at the end of the month on high tables is truly an inspiration.
TheBetterYodel on Thursday October 31, 2013
"Sam- you're a good PGA, your talents are wasted modding" - Veta (July 27, 2011)
twinky on Saturday September 21, 2013
Hey, I was in a tournament and chiefKeef http://kdice.com/profile/45156812/ pgaed with pokemon trainer and another guy. Not sure where to post but since you're a mod who has dealt with him in the past I just wanted to let you know.
August Freirich on Thursday September 19, 2013
yohann2008sex has an incredibly sexy avatar, please unban.
chiefKeef on Wednesday September 11, 2013
Pathetic asshole PGA and backstabbing idiot Dont trust this pussy
mrRo on Wednesday August 21, 2013
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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