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I'm bad at this game and social situtations.
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This player has been modded by the community

chat restored. please have fun but seriously watch your language +chat jurgen 6:29 AM, Friday April 1, 2016 EDT
No chat for the rest of the month. Stop your harassment of Lani and actually, please watch your language in general. PS don't use other accounts to chat either or I will add -play as well and extend the ban. -chat jurgen 5:49 AM, Sunday March 27, 2016 EDT
restored +chat integral 2:29 PM, Wednesday March 16, 2016 EDT
get chat back after tourny -chat integral 2:01 PM, Wednesday March 16, 2016 EDT

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fucking piece of shit and stabber
Kaderschmiede de on Thursday February 11, 2021
complete assfuck piece of shit, stab him when you can he will do the same to you
Rafkrik on Monday October 15, 2018
stabber and racist
IQGenius on Tuesday September 11, 2018
asdzxc on Tuesday September 11, 2018
dirty play
G0D on Thursday August 23, 2018
---------> Plz... call me VIBER ... 0038763249060 and send to me your picture from your penis or pussy
Step Ahead on Sunday July 22, 2018
You are not my friend anymore
Lalita Lani on Friday March 18, 2016
maggusch on Wednesday March 16, 2016
So angry probably because he is just so bad at this game. Should maybe try a yahoo card game. Maybe war or canasta. Old people might like him who knows. Happy Rolling.
hcdug on Friday March 11, 2016
Wants to be good but his dinasaur size brain prevents him from understanding basic concepts.
Noob Slayer on Wednesday February 17, 2016
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