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Recognized on 12:01 PM, Wednesday October 29, 2014 EDT by integral
hasn't changed his play style in years and is always a fun player at the table, thanks for sticking with the kdice community

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ban expired +chat +play integral 10:27 AM, Monday June 26, 2017 EDT
Please mind your comments that may be considered racist. Email my username at Gmail.com to discuss further, ban will be lifted when you do so. -chat -play Pursey 11:40 PM, Saturday June 17, 2017 EDT
+chat +post These cards suck 1:38 PM, Tuesday April 27, 2010 EDT
mute -30 days -chat -post These cards suck 9:45 PM, Friday April 23, 2010 EDT

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PGA with savif
freakstyl on Wednesday February 7, 2018
PGA with german friend dicereich
Cappyy on Monday January 29, 2018
i see why you have nearly 300 shitty reviews
No Cycling on Thursday January 11, 2018
panzer on Saturday June 17, 2017
clever and fair, plays with style.
avesano on Friday June 2, 2017
takes no prisoners ...
Grux on Wednesday May 31, 2017
toke my dom after my flag up...
gengis khan on Monday May 29, 2017
one of the best!
Acrisius on Friday April 21, 2017
you're a cunt
greeen on Friday April 21, 2017
after years and years of fight i changed my thing about this guy hes good person
dicebomb on Thursday March 16, 2017
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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