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bit of a cunt
irishrugby on Wednesday June 1, 2011
Really good player. Plays fair. Deserves respect as opponent.
wawoo on Friday December 17, 2010
Backstabbed flag. PGE.
Kaimans17 on Tuesday December 7, 2010
Backstabbed flag. PGE.
Drucifer85 on Saturday September 18, 2010
Crybaby. Is not a fair player. Slimebucket.
cadpilot on Thursday September 9, 2010
Generous and fair. Good player with a good memory.
Improv42 on Monday August 30, 2010
very decent player and plays fair :)
lordA on Saturday August 7, 2010
2 players on either side of him flag to him. one asks him to kill the other and he does... watch out for this player, does not know the rules
farcyde21 on Wednesday July 28, 2010
fair player. he flag to another player. i win with that player. RMC doesn't join the fight to help him. he let me be 1rst, the position that i deserve. thx. gg
axl on Tuesday July 27, 2010
Really big piece of shit.
TheBetterYodel on Wednesday June 23, 2010
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