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what a loser cant be trusted
@don15037249 on Sunday April 12, 2015
dumb as a doorknop!!!
Maze78 on Friday April 10, 2015
Lauch mit Schlau on Thursday February 19, 2015
dont trust him
llalla on Wednesday December 24, 2014
JUG HEAD on Friday December 12, 2014
Extremely immature, kept harassing me all game. Very unorthodox.
WhatsHerFace2468 on Monday November 17, 2014
JUSTcallmePRE on Monday June 2, 2014
pretends not to understand what it means when you write "2nd" when he is clearly in 1st with all other flags and when you constantly go for another player although you could have cut him multiple times - even allows the laziest player on the board, you didnt kill when you could have, to go 2vs1 on you and then joins that and starts 3vs1 on you pretending not to understand you flagged him turns ago
Mrs. M on Thursday May 1, 2014
leaving your partners who builded your empire up just before our real succces comes and then stepping over to what we 3 are fighting for 15 rounds you could have had 1st also by letting your partners AT LEAST ROLL FOR 2nd in it
DUIKBRIL on Monday April 21, 2014
the filthiest scumbag around, or one inbetween them. flagged me since start of the game with hard flag. all players attacked him in anyway while i never did respecting his flag. This twisted psychopath when were left him me with clear 1st and the poor 3rd, starts attacking me together with the 3rd challenging me to kill the 3rd the quickest before i die. A SOCIOPATH. AVOID HIM LIKE THE PLAGUE
Giulio S on Tuesday April 1, 2014
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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