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NoSpuhforyou's turn ManOMan defended 8v8, 18 to 47, (3,1,2,2,1,1,5,3 to 6,6,6,6,5,6,6,6)
ManOMan on Friday November 25, 2011
Good player, handsome too, one of the brightest on this site. Could beat anyone. Gets my vote for best allround player. I like this guy so much I could marry him. Heck no, I would like to BE him....
bompy on Thursday November 24, 2011
what a cock, he would need another brain to make himself a halfwit
knights on Saturday October 15, 2011
Backstaber KoS
bluff or not? on Tuesday July 5, 2011
Unrespect flag ... total noob !!! Asshole
Geremaya on Tuesday June 14, 2011
nice asholle player!
bivo on Saturday May 28, 2011
On my main, I normally trust you; not under this account tho. I will now kill on sight every time with no remorse. Have fun asshole
Hired Hitman on Tuesday January 4, 2011
Asshole, was out of tourney anyhow but that didnt stop him for ruining it for me. Cut me when i was in battle for 3rd which destroyed me chances and got me -250 on tourney and destroyed tourney. Kill him on side!
Vosje88 on Thursday December 23, 2010
YOU CAN TRUST HIM. Fair and straight player. And gentle. Pleasure to play with/against him.
Stigmatore on Wednesday December 15, 2010
good and honourable player. very good indeed. A+
CuteKittens on Tuesday November 23, 2010
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