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Recognized on 12:04 PM, Friday November 1, 2013 EDT by jurgen
This second badge was actually going to be for your first real stab (remember?). Yes it was a joke but you actually never would stab, even to get a badge and that's very commendable. So you still deserve one.
Recognized on 11:24 AM, Tuesday January 1, 2013 EST by jurgen
Happy 2013! I know the 6 months of no stabbing haven't passed yet but I think you deserve the badge now. Why wait? You've never EVER really stabbed anyway. You've been such a good example to everyone since the day you started playing KDice. You've been one of those rare gems on KDice who hasn't been corrupted by the competitiveness of the game. You're always nice and genuinely friendly to everyone and I truly wish there were more people with your positive attitude on KDice.

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Smoking Buddha on Saturday November 29, 2014
pga with kdiceplaya!
UltraK on Thursday November 6, 2014
YuxxyB on Tuesday May 13, 2014
Proxy account
Smoke Two Joints on Sunday February 23, 2014
miss kdice!
gengis khan on Wednesday February 19, 2014
a psychotic girl living in a psychotic world
PSYCHO INSANE on Tuesday February 18, 2014
skilled player you can trust had chance to clearly stab me but didnt,you can trut fair player
Rastaa Man :) on Thursday January 16, 2014
hi darling
LostMurti on Friday November 29, 2013
omg , just read your reviews, you actually DID stab >.< *takes away badge* :P
jurgen on Friday November 1, 2013
fuck you all Gurgi fameliju first children if you have two idiots both the PGA! there and no honest igre.konji the server kdice!
bivo on Tuesday October 15, 2013
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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