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I'm black.
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PugHug: Dumbass bitch PugHug: I'm going to find you and kill you PugHug: I have a tracking program PugHug: Enjoy your last week of life PugHug: You think I'm joking PugHug: But I will find you PugHug: And I will rape and kill you Jurgen: Enjoy a week of -play -chat -changeAvatar -chat -play -post jurgen 11:29 AM, Thursday May 19, 2011 EDT
tine served +play Shevar 1:55 PM, Friday March 18, 2011 EDT
PGA with Wilky. 30 day ban. -play Bone-Roller 12:24 PM, Wednesday February 16, 2011 EST

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Adams and BigScal--pretty obvious...
Gleekin on Thursday June 30, 2011
Bad-mannered. You can't say: "FLAGS UP, ASSHOLES" without being backstabbed. noob and idiot, don't talk about honour with manners, please
samu15 on Thursday May 19, 2011
verbal-flagged some dude and backstabbed him when he saw his opportunity to rip him off from first
arobi on Wednesday May 18, 2011
FastFourier on Monday May 16, 2011
teal flags to two people and then goes for first. Not cool.
orange33 on Sunday May 15, 2011
Flag me and when he and the kills me
Illemann on Sunday May 15, 2011
You're really nice too
Locatino on Saturday May 14, 2011
PugHug: You dumb black nigger know_it_all: u r going to let him? teal? PugHug: We just want this game over PugHug: God..... Raiva: I only play my game PugHug: Right on, teal PugHug: Isolationism PugHug: Now, brown PugHug: Get ready for your lynching Raiva: take my island at the bottom if you need PugHug: I WIN YOU BLACK ASSHOLE BAN HIM PLEASE: http://kdice.com/discussion/topics/44805825
know_it_all on Monday May 9, 2011
unicorn dream on Saturday May 7, 2011
Bad player,! He killed a flagged player because he had left him a bad review, continued by killing me for "not appreciating his help"!!! Then he called me a nigger and told me to fuck myself... If you are more than 12, you have problems, if not, it's ok, you'll grow up!
Xanamana on Saturday May 7, 2011
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