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he flagged me and he killed me in tourney, he is a stabber
burcin on Thursday December 20, 2012
Honorable player, defends others when they are being wronged.
greenman on Sunday December 16, 2012
he kill me because is a bad player and he don't understand the rules
naswell on Sunday December 16, 2012
flag pussy
r0n on Wednesday September 21, 2011
Backstabber, doesn't respect flags
NotInMyEye on Tuesday September 20, 2011
MOTHER FUCKER BACK STABBING BASTARD KILL ON SIGHT KILL HIIM FIIIIIIIIRST !!!! PROFESSIONAL BACKSTABBER this guy does not respect anything, you have to get rid of him quicly to have a fair match
S CONARD on Sunday January 31, 2010
Flagged to me, then proceeded to attack me afterwards. Avoid this player.
dzhoshua on Sunday January 24, 2010
Fuckin tool, he flagged me and I attacked his ISLAND and he used that as grounds to turn on me with another player. Will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means going back on a flag. Never accept a flag from him, just attack him every time
farnahae7 on Monday January 18, 2010
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