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TheTrucingOne: i fag
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Recognized on 10:52 PM, Saturday November 28, 2009 EST by MOCOM
Good player

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You're lucky that you weren't around when I banned DLK because this was a close call not to ban you based on earlier this month. You were doing fairly well for a long time so that's what got you spared (your wildcard has been used up here). Still, this is a gentle warning not to drift off to the dark side again. -avatar jurgen 4:41 PM, Thursday May 14, 2015 EDT
sorry if I scared you a bit :P +play jurgen 2:43 PM, Thursday January 22, 2015 EST
agreed to roll off with Qaz for a ban for the rest of the month (pretty ballsy by both) -play jurgen 2:36 PM, Thursday January 22, 2015 EST
Privileges restored based on angelic behavior in the future. Note that ANY violation in any area of the game (forums/chat/avi/gameplay) will result in permaban for ALL alts. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post Bone-Roller 5:19 PM, Tuesday August 2, 2011 EDT
I seem to remember HH going through this with Thrax. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Bone-Roller 9:46 AM, Thursday December 2, 2010 EST
We are not the gestapo, we are NOT here to set our own doctrine! Player served 3 months, account unbanned. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post TLP 6:59 PM, Wednesday December 1, 2010 EST
Enforcement of the Bone-Roller doctrine -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Bone-Roller 3:52 PM, Friday August 27, 2010 EDT

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honored flag and took time to give the kill
leben on Monday September 21, 2015
Loathsome way to play in a tournament with his friend.
Orthros on Monday April 6, 2015
stabbed on 100 table
Grux on Monday March 9, 2015
i'm fucking impressed by ur work today
EvAngelion27 on Wednesday January 28, 2015
liar player flag and then kill should not trust him at all, it is understood that the PGA player.
bivo on Sunday January 18, 2015
"MC": if u piss me off in game "MC": dont expect honor flag
dnaa on Sunday January 18, 2015
dr zoidberg's alt
JUSTcallmePRE on Monday January 12, 2015
cry baby
timquick on Friday January 9, 2015
dont trust
Sian85 on Thursday November 28, 2013
Yll on Thursday July 18, 2013
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