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Experiment over. All L's to be banned. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 7:13 AM, Thursday September 10, 2009 EDT

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!!!!!! hopes his balls will drop so he can stop talking like a bitch
Dice-K on Thursday September 10, 2009
LOL at this poor excuse for an L member. He complains about people calling him a "faggot" on his wall...and then uses that exact same word on mine! You're supposed to be having fun...thats the motto of the L's...grow up and better still, lighten up, its just a game dude
KJ Sado on Wednesday September 9, 2009
Yodel and JayCroft must have split personalities. First, both come on my review board calling me a "faggot" and "PGA" with a guy I have never even played at a table with. Than, I leave them a response feedback and they COME BACK to my reviews to act as if I just randomly posted on their review page. Don't understand, but whatever entertains them.. little kids will be little kids.
IIIllIIIll on Monday September 7, 2009
What did I do to you? Randomly leaves "bad player" in review. Given how the rest of his reviews are, i don't feel so bad.
jaycroft on Sunday September 6, 2009
idiot small child
nofrionofri on Sunday September 6, 2009
Who are you? Why did you write on my wall? Get away from me multi scum
TheBetterYodel on Sunday September 6, 2009
idiot, don't respect flags
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm on Friday September 4, 2009
another militant american cocksucker motherfucker sack of shit. kill on sight this cunt
kirikiri on Wednesday September 2, 2009
mmm idiot. IIIllIIIll: ur bf shove a horseshoe up ur ass red? IIIllIIIll: yup IIIllIIIll: he def did IIIllIIIll: b4 or after he nutted in urmouth?
thepoopface on Wednesday September 2, 2009
dumbfuck. gave me a review that proves he is under 12 years old.
happytoscrap on Tuesday September 1, 2009
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