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Recognized on 3:45 PM, Monday April 6, 2015 EDT by jurgen
On April 6th 2013, Marsyas passed away. He was taken from us much too soon.

Marsy was not only a great player, he was also a warm and genuinely friendly person. He also had a great game attitude: points were not really important to him as he cared more about a good fight than to weakflag or to play safe. He played with honour and was a great ambassador for this game.

Again, it's sad and unfair that you're not around anymore Marsy. I will miss you forever my dear friend.

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Rest In Peace Mars, I will miss you and your avatar. We started playing this game at the same time and been friends ever since. Will miss you at the table <3
mar101 on Friday August 14, 2015
You will never be forgotten dear Marsy. Rest in peace my friend.
jurgen on Monday April 6, 2015
An ass..does not respect a flag.
Zedder on Saturday March 2, 2013
played fair, seems a good player
Ritoh33 on Thursday February 28, 2013
easy guy
Erahsmuhs on Wednesday December 12, 2012
real asshole
VitezKoja on Thursday November 15, 2012
Fucking moron
Triggerhappy on Friday November 9, 2012
Maaskantje on Sunday October 7, 2012
Pga/otf with LeBroN FaN #23. Expect them to be really friendly when sitting at the same table.
recooked on Monday October 1, 2012
Bad sport man, you tried to 2-1 me and lost and all you could do was leave without saying a word?!
uber_meister on Monday October 1, 2012
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