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jfdis: a paraplegic agoraphobic. if he wanted to go outside he can't. so he sits in his room all day playing with his computer trying to eek out some sort of gratifying social life while he rots in reality
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Recognized on 6:01 AM, Saturday March 2, 2013 EST by jurgen
badge for the "Tournaments only challenge" http://kdice.com/discussion/topics/44816019
Recognized on 2:55 AM, Friday August 24, 2012 EDT by jurgen
good job with the 11111 challenge (http://kdice.com/discussion/topics/44813642?page=last)

This player has been modded by the community

Time served. +play MadHat_Sam 12:53 AM, Friday October 7, 2011 EDT
I am done with you and your friends play style undermining the competitive integrity of kdice. -play MadHat_Sam 11:44 AM, Friday September 30, 2011 EDT
test +play MadHat_Sam 5:41 PM, Tuesday January 25, 2011 EST
Test -play MadHat_Sam 5:41 PM, Tuesday January 25, 2011 EST

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Doesn't accept flags, big asshole !!!
IQGenius on Saturday September 8, 2018
lol Foni not even back, but still congratz with 100lvl nice job bro
Arnas Bro on Thursday May 28, 2015
möchtegern only
WillYouReallyBea on Thursday September 19, 2013
doesn't accept other player's rolloff and kills players in wrong order.
jjjonasP on Wednesday August 28, 2013
Fonias on Thursday April 25, 2013
verkackter möchtegern!
Kurwa_II on Thursday April 25, 2013
pge for life.
zin8 on Wednesday April 10, 2013
Great Player.
Nokia3310 on Friday March 8, 2013
nice player in trn
desmond7 on Tuesday February 26, 2013
backstabbs 2 players in tournament
zierods on Monday February 11, 2013
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