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Filthy Liar

It's because I'm color blind.
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idiot. decided who gets which place. don't let fight or roll
MaxWanted on Wednesday June 29, 2011
Good guy in my opinion
Adam Candee on Tuesday May 31, 2011
lol nice reviews....and good game
Cory Burdick on Thursday May 26, 2011
Crybaby. He backstabbs and give her opinion when you dont ask her.
Tarleton on Tuesday May 24, 2011
So remember, it's sombrrrrrrrrrero not sombrerrrrrrrrro. Ok that's all for today, if you can dominate that word you can dominate spanish. And kdice of course. Okay why not the whole world
esteban_ on Tuesday May 17, 2011
Filthy Liar on Thursday May 5, 2011
PGA with Filthy Liar
bluff or not? on Thursday May 5, 2011
Doesnt respect flags
holinux on Tuesday May 3, 2011
Does not respect flags
Montcalm on Tuesday May 3, 2011
I mean, he's a liar... a filthy liar.
100handslap.com on Wednesday April 27, 2011
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