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piece of shit pga with firewire87, he doesnt respect flags
strawhat on Wednesday April 8, 2009
pga with firewire87
recon on Wednesday April 8, 2009
pga with firewire87
WHWHWHW on Wednesday April 8, 2009
still PGA with firewire87 ... 3 months later
firefox1 on Tuesday April 7, 2009
doesnt respect flags. kill him if he flags.
DMoney1986 on Saturday April 4, 2009
Agree with most of below, ignored flags and gave a place to an undeserving player, no honour in manner of K
kplayr on Tuesday March 31, 2009
power-tripping. no fun.
pacode on Saturday March 7, 2009
dickhead. dont respect flags.. i was flaged 2 plc , he was flaged 3 and atacked me..just killed. noob. its smells like peace of shit(PGA) just kill this noob when you see him
Robertass on Thursday February 19, 2009
attacks flags after agreeing to be cool... most uncool
2nasty on Monday February 9, 2009
I hope you gag on your own cock you fucking douche.
Diceygirl on Monday February 9, 2009
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