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Wh0 is lier, played same game too, and that was counter against his truce, and then he strat losing he wabted be better then players in counter.
IFIGENIUS on Friday June 24, 2011
nice player....comment from Wh0 isnt true. i was playing same game..
CillMatic on Friday June 24, 2011
isnt respecting flags + a big bitch.
Wh0 on Friday June 24, 2011
Started with four places i started protecting him in a 2 vs 2 battle then he backstabbed me once he had a 32 reserve true piece of crap!
jeremysdaddy on Saturday January 8, 2011
fucking douchebag
buckafuffalo on Saturday September 25, 2010
im not adam on Monday February 22, 2010
Doesn't respect flags....no more words needed
titus2003 on Wednesday November 4, 2009
dumb fuck x 14..plays like a jerk...says end of the month so i dont respect flags...fuck off loser
Easy A on Saturday October 31, 2009
dont respect his own flags ab big backstabber and dont trust him
Grisu on Saturday October 17, 2009
dumbass and piece of shit. thats it..
cinzano on Tuesday September 15, 2009
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