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Mrs. M

Yes, I'm a crybaby-coz I hate to get tricked when I try to play fair#Yes, I'm a sore loser-coz I don't give my kill to ppl who tricked me#Yes, I'm a bad player- coz I like fair play more than screwing for no gain#Yes, I'm a bitch-coz sometimes I pay back
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Time served +changeAvatar +chat +play +post Bone-Roller 2:20 PM, Monday July 26, 2010 EDT
PGA with Terracotas. Warned previously, now 1 week ban. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Bone-Roller 2:33 AM, Saturday July 17, 2010 EDT

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sometimes i miss the good old time, leave me contact if you come back and see this M
Caesar on Saturday November 7, 2020
bivo on Sunday May 31, 2020
very nice to see you here from time to time
kamikaze Mike on Saturday April 13, 2019
Very cool to find someone with principles
MUTOMBA on Sunday March 24, 2019
Haha, Your still such an idiot that people think your a noob. You hated me for a day too, long ago. But cool too see someone still here. Kinda dead here though... You are German in real live right? or I misstaken?
Ugly avatar on Friday January 11, 2019
Has no understanding about this game, total noob.
Goldelian on Tuesday January 8, 2019
pga with probabler
Neo1976 on Saturday June 23, 2018
Stop forgetting to take your antipsychotics.
Sazza34 on Tuesday June 19, 2018
As her banned history indicates, she is an absolute nutcase. Thinks not attacking for a couple of turns due to a clear strategic purpose is tantamount to a truce.
MickyOT on Sunday May 13, 2018
Fair, honourable and pleasant player
scozy on Sunday April 22, 2018
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