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Heard this guy has a huge chicken. I don't know though by the look on his face he just might.
JayJay8 on Saturday December 10, 2022
Ojjj, srbine crni vraze, ima li ti ista od Turskog kurca draze. Ojjj srbine kukala ti majka, otac ti je Turcin, to nije bajka. Ojjj srbine peder si u dusi, zato Turcinu na Kosovu kurac pusi.
Pashaa on Saturday November 26, 2022
I hear he is a big sweaty fireman with HUGE hands. <3
DIVELIZ on Monday November 21, 2022
If you are in table, no one win, legendary player all time gl cre
Ramu the hacker on Saturday December 26, 2020
Very unpleasant player
Hijii on Saturday October 17, 2020
congrats for 1st! always nice playing with you :)
charliebrown2000 on Thursday October 1, 2020
fair and nice guy. Respect
Aleksa_bre on Wednesday September 30, 2020
That kid brother with tourettes that you feel like you do everything you can to help but still calls you a "cunt"
Rafkrik on Saturday June 27, 2020
I am
Created on Wednesday June 10, 2020
Here is ur $500 bucks
Caesar on Saturday May 30, 2020
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