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doesn´t respect flags. pure motherfucker with god complex
Ronya on Tuesday October 12, 2010
man you ve been offending me whole game because i dared to attack your stack and then you got your 3rd flagged pos and i took only your island. dont be pathetic. Everyone else would kill you for your constant offence.
ewi on Thursday October 7, 2010
he doesn't accept flags truces for doing 2vs 1... srsly the most pathetic player i saw til now
affe mit waffe on Thursday October 7, 2010
No good with ewi! She is one of those who take this game way too serious and try to keep on fighting in the reviews. She flagged me and wanted to go thru and we changed lands. She thought I took one land more then she did, but I think she is wrong. No big thing? Not for ewi! More then one month after this game (only a 100 or 500 table) she started flaming in my reviews. Ridiculous? Obv yes!
roque ja on Sunday July 25, 2010
Nicely fought mate. gg
Zabbo on Friday May 28, 2010
avoid this awful player.
vIRGI on Tuesday May 25, 2010
Ewi, Ewi, nothing like Sea weed. loves to eat Keewee's while she plays the dice, sometimes with a bowl of rice, flicking them dice...
Deep Haze on Monday May 24, 2010
loses rolls and wont sit out
Brad Sewell on Sunday May 23, 2010
doesn't respect flags.
Orinix on Sunday May 9, 2010
nice player, enjoyable to game with... fair too
SwisherSweet on Friday February 12, 2010
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