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"Your theory is crazy young man but not crazy enough"
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mikoslav wrote
at 2:17 AM, Thursday May 28, 2009 EDT
very good player, and quite lucky I must say :P
Paranoia wrote
at 6:13 PM, Thursday May 7, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Jc, Js]
Deucem calls
Paranoia raises $20,000
mitico79 calls
chuna folds
Deucem calls
chuna stands up
Dealing flop: [Jh, 8h, 9h]
chuna takes a seat
mitico79 checks
Deucem checks
Paranoia bets $55,000
mitico79 folds
Deucem calls
Dealing turn: [2c]
Deucem checks
Paranoia bets $110,000
Deucem calls
Dealing river: [Ah]
Deucem checks
Paranoia checks
Paranoia shows [Jc, Js] for three Jacks
Deucem shows [9d, 7h] for a flush Ace high
Deucem wins main pot $390,000
Paranoia wrote
at 5:53 PM, Thursday May 7, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [As, Js]
Paranoia calls
mitico79 calls
fnf raises $20,000
Paranoia calls
mitico79 folds
Dealing flop: [6d, Ah, 6s]
fnf bets $15,000
Paranoia calls
Dealing turn: [Jc]
fnf bets $25,000
Paranoia raises $55,000
fnf calls
Dealing river: [2s]
fnf checks
Paranoia bets $95,000
fnf raises $285,614
Paranoia calls
fnf shows [2d, 2h] for a full house, twos full of sixs
Paranoia shows [As, Js] for two pair, Aces and Jacks
fnf wins main pot $766,228
Paranoia wrote
at 6:42 AM, Saturday March 7, 2009 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Qs, Jd]
ciccia calls
Brigi raises $9,000
Paranoia calls
odnexa1 folds
flo-flo folds
ciccia folds
Dealing flop: [5c, 2d, Qc]
Brigi bets $4,000
lucky26062 takes a seat
Paranoia raises $11,000
Brigi calls
Dealing turn: [Tc]
Brigi bets $9,000
Paranoia raises $18,000
Brigi raises $26,500
Paranoia calls
Dealing river: [Jc]
Brigi shows [Ts, 2c] for a flush Queen high
Paranoia shows [Qs, Jd] for two pair, Queens and Jacks
Brigi wins main pot $113,500

thats why i dont play gpokr anymore...
Paranoia wrote
at 11:27 PM, Friday January 16, 2009 EST
Dealing pocket cards: [As, Ad]
gwangi takes a seat
PrianBrian sits out
PrianBrian folds
PrianBrian sits in
Fazzman calls
Snaj sits out
Snaj checks
Paranoia raises $1,100
Snaj sits in
aamike takes a seat
El Beto calls
catbreathrum calls
Fazzman folds
Snaj sits out
Snaj sits in
Snaj folds
Dealing flop: [Ah, Ks, 9d]
El Beto checks
catbreathrum checks
Paranoia checks
Dealing turn: [Qd]
El Beto checks
catbreathrum bets $1,500
Paranoia raises $2,950
El Beto calls
catbreathrum folds
Dealing river: [Jc]
Paranoia shows [As, Ad] for three Aces
El Beto shows [Th, Kc] for a straight Ace high
El Beto wins main pot $10,800
Paranoia stands up
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