User definable player colors, (I'm colorblind, the greens and blues and purples all look the same)
Xerxes855 wrote
at 1:37 AM, Sunday December 24, 2006 EST

317 people think this is a good idea

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Max22 wrote
at 12:25 AM, Saturday December 2, 2006 EST
You could just use the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and -- since Purple and Violet are so similar -- Black.
Ryan wrote
at 11:38 AM, Saturday December 2, 2006 EST
The 7th colour is always the hardest.
Yellow sometimes appears too pale, dark yellow looks like orange/brown. There is currently a yellowish green.
Black is used for outlines. but it would work ok.
But I agree some work needs to be done to differentiate the colours more.
ElectronicWaffle wrote
at 2:44 PM, Saturday December 2, 2006 EST
Yes. First comment I have and I love War Dice. Whats up with the greens?!
tehmla wrote
at 9:41 PM, Sunday December 3, 2006 EST
Alternatively, if you can make only the current player completely opaque, and everything else translucent or faded, the color won't matter as much. this would especially help with seeing land connections through the dice. (sometimes they are obscured)
waxpancake wrote
at 1:12 AM, Monday December 4, 2006 EST
With red-green colorblindness, several of the colors look identical. It would be a huge help just to always have the player's color be the same.
quink wrote
at 3:36 PM, Monday December 4, 2006 EST
How about dark grey?
AMP wrote
at 4:43 PM, Monday December 4, 2006 EST
Pink would work
Bobbo wrote
at 11:09 PM, Tuesday December 5, 2006 EST
Would patterns be feasible to implement, as well? That way the colorblind people wouldn't have the problems.
zyrex wrote
at 12:39 AM, Thursday December 7, 2006 EST
The two greens are quite difficult to distinguish between. I always try to avoid those two colour.

Instead of Black, I think a dark shade of grey would be a better replacement for one of the greens. Black would just stick out too much.
greenbox wrote
at 5:11 PM, Thursday December 7, 2006 EST
patterns perhaps, like checkerboard maybe?
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