Retcon wrote
at 7:10 PM, Wednesday December 13, 2006 EST

0 people think this is a good idea

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mike456 wrote
at 7:45 PM, Wednesday December 13, 2006 EST
label the territories with numbers so it is easier to refer to a particular territory when discussing strategy or whatnot with other players
CNE wrote
at 11:48 AM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
this is a pretty interesting idea.

Playing devil's advocate here, I haven't come across any times where I've needed to discuss pinpoint attacks. Usually you can figure out what your ally is going to do. Also, I'd be worried that chat would get flooded with generals ordering attacks: "HIT 13!! HIT 13!! OH MAN YOU MESSED UP"

But I'd be willing to give this a try.
TheGrid wrote
at 12:36 PM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
I'd like this idea! (Letters would be better than numbers, there usually arent more than 26 fields)
jtav13 wrote
at 5:27 PM, Monday December 25, 2006 EST
Great idea !!!!
llam wrote
at 11:17 PM, Monday December 25, 2006 EST
This is a kind of cool idea. Maybe it could be an option to turn it on as an overlay so those who don't care can have a cleaner interface.

...and to add to the idea, just for fun it would be kind of cool to have names for the territories instead of letters/numbers, but this might just be a creative pipe dream.
Retcon wrote
at 9:54 PM, Thursday December 28, 2006 EST
Names would clutter it. Heck, numbers might clutter it. But I like the idea. A couple times I wanted to suggest to an ally an attack, but couldn't quickly do it so just didn't bother.
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