2 Player Table Exclusively for 1v1 Games
PanzerRed wrote
at 11:34 PM, Monday July 6, 2020 EDT
One-on-one games have a different dynamic than games with 3 players, 4 players, etc. It would be fun to have a table exclusively for 1v1 games.

Yeah, it's possible to play 1v1 games on a regular 0 or 100 table, but if a 3rd player sits down when you want to play a 1v1, you have to politely ask the 3rd player to sit up. It's awkward and the person is often confused and seems offended. Not good.

This would save us all the awkwardness.

9 people think this is a good idea

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deffonotTimer wrote
at 11:40 PM, Monday July 6, 2020 EDT
def a good idea, should be easy to implement
whimsical wrote
at 1:50 AM, Tuesday July 7, 2020 EDT
for all stakes up through 5k too
sw1ft25 wrote
at 12:47 AM, Saturday July 11, 2020 EDT
awesome idea love it, please make it reality!
sw1ft25 wrote
at 7:30 AM, Saturday July 11, 2020 EDT
easy to implement because we have that framework in tourneys
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