Require Minimum Level to Join Tourneys
PanzerRed wrote
at 10:41 PM, Saturday June 6, 2020 EDT
bivo likes to cheat in tourneys (and until about 2 weeks ago, he joined tourneys in order to block them).

One of the reasons it's so difficult to stop bivo from cheating in tourneys or locking tourneys is that if we ban an account of his, he just makes another account. This is especially true with freerolls. Since they don't require any points at all to join, he can make new accounts literally a minute before a tourney starts, then join, and then cheat or lock it.

So since almost all of the players on KDice are regulars and they have high levels, I think there should be a minimum level required to join the tourneys. This will prevent new bivo accounts from joining. In the future, if bivo wants to join a tourney with a proxy, he'll first have to spend a lot of time cheating to get the points to level up, and the players and mods will probably notice and have that account banned before it reaches the required level.

I don't know what the minimum level should be. Level 20? I just checked and the proxies that bivo made around May 25 and which were banned today are mostly levels 21 and 22. So if we have this new system, it will take bivo about 2 weeks of playing to get enough points to join (cheat) in a tourney.

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Wuttt wrote
at 10:59 PM, Saturday June 6, 2020 EDT
I think this is a great idea that I communicated for as well. Kdice doesn't get too many truly brand new members and the new ones won't know how it used to be anyway as they weren't here to experience freerolls. Imo, this idea seems like it would definitely slow Bivo down as far as tourneys go. For the minimum level to reach, I'm not sure but 20 doesn't sound like a bad number. Could always trial and error it.
wertrew wrote
at 3:05 AM, Sunday June 7, 2020 EDT
Not a bad idea. I think even lvl 25 as minimum would work well. An other (or additional) option would be to limit the number of rounds per game. E.g. a game (normal ones and in tourneys) ends automatically when it reaches round 100 with zero pts for all remaining players.
Created wrote
at 3:53 AM, Sunday June 7, 2020 EDT
this last suggestion by wertrew is the best idea, limit the number of end turns that can occur. there is less collateral damage. The option to increase minimum level can be brought in after if end turn limit is not enough.
PanzerRed wrote
at 7:52 AM, Sunday June 7, 2020 EDT
Created, Ryan actually implemented the 100-round limit idea after we suggested it, but it didn't work:
Afro wrote
at 11:36 AM, Wednesday June 17, 2020 EDT
Agreed. Bivo has ruined many tourneys.
fzone wrote
at 7:43 PM, Thursday June 18, 2020 EDT
good idea, that way we will make life for proxy players harder
bivo wrote
at 5:26 AM, Friday June 19, 2020 EDT
that gives you suggestions PanzerRed please try I am the one who is looking for the mistakes of this game! no one can beat me or anyone can punish me! and you fool listen and you will always be bad for good old and honest players!
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