Ban Bosnian I.P. Addresses
PanzerRed wrote
at 2:44 PM, Thursday June 4, 2020 EDT
bivo is from Bosnia.
bivo cheats.
We ban him ----> He makes new accounts

Other than bivo and his friend IQ Jackass/City Fighter, I don't think I've ever met another KDice player from Bosnia.

Ryan makes money off ads, right? How much ad revenue will be lost if little ol' Bosnia with its population of 3.3 million and GDP per capita of $6000 is no longer included in that sum?

And the absence of bivo will probably lead to fewer players getting frustrated and leaving.

Sure, bivo will still be able to play if he uses a VPN, but it will make it just a little bit more difficult for him to cheat.

12 people think this is a good idea

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potato27 wrote
at 2:46 PM, Thursday June 4, 2020 EDT
Frankly if Bivo doesn't get banned along with all of his accounts within 24 hours, I am cancelling my membership and will never log on here again
bivo wrote
at 5:44 AM, Friday June 5, 2020 EDT
you are a sick man you don't play this game you just write on the boards many players have noticed that you just cook, worse relationships in the game..the day will come when you will not be able to write because you are very sick, take care of your work and do your best.
Monsanto wrote
at 8:16 AM, Friday June 5, 2020 EDT
I don't think that is a good idea.
PanzerRed wrote
at 9:04 AM, Friday June 5, 2020 EDT
Okay, Monsanto, it's easy to criticize an idea, but what do you suggest instead?

The mods have banned bivo probably several thousand times at this point and I'm not at all exaggerating. There are some occasions where mods banned 200+ bivo accounts in a single day. See for yourself:

Because of this, the mods decided to negotiate with bivo (and I supported the idea of negotiating). So they gave bivo back his original bivo account in exchange for him not locking tourneys anymore.

But what does bivo do? The very first day, he starts proxying again, with one proxy. Then gnice gives him a warning and he stops. But within a week, he's back to proxying and this time with up to 6 accounts at a time.

So what do you suggest?
Monsanto wrote
at 12:47 PM, Friday June 5, 2020 EDT
Lay down your arms!
bivo wrote
at 12:01 PM, Saturday June 6, 2020 EDT
never sign up ... rayan won't cry for you don't worry!
Johnson213 wrote
at 12:21 PM, Saturday June 6, 2020 EDT
I don't think you can stop bivo from playing by banning Bosnian IP Addresses...
I think you might just have to let it go?
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 5:33 PM, Saturday June 6, 2020 EDT
Like i sayed....Panzer act like a dictator here. He would ban all accounts from bosnia....also when somebody new want to play. A game-contributor should not act like him. Its insane to let this guy act here.
Kurton wrote
at 5:41 PM, Saturday June 6, 2020 EDT
Nice Idea! But you must start first at Czechoslovakia, then Poland, Austria, and finally Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.

PANZER RED - nice name to start this!

Looks Familiar! :)
huhu wrote
at 7:21 PM, Saturday June 6, 2020 EDT
Ban Bosnian I.P. Addresses, please and thank you
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