Every table, regular or tournment, must have round limit.
Black Flag wrote
at 9:06 AM, Saturday April 25, 2020 EDT
I´m the kind of player who likes to play for half an hour or so, when i have time to do it. I always enjoyed tournments more than regular tables, and lately i´ve been losing interest in this game because the tournments are sometimes blocked by proxies accounts, because once the table is dominated the person in control of the same proxies just activates end-turn and so the game goes on and on forever because theres no round limit.

With a limit like 20 or 30 rounds, the game will run faster, becoming more interesting in terms of strategy, and the proxie auto-end will lose much of its effect.

The table Jurgen is a fine on how a round limit table (due to the elimination system) made the game itself more challenging and fun.

Thank for your attention.

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charliebrown2000 wrote
at 10:39 AM, Monday April 27, 2020 EDT
at the whole, i agree, but wouldn't implement it a too limiting round-maximum in the tourneys. sometimes a fight can last 50+ rounds and that's ok then. but a limit of (idk) 100 rounds in the tourneys to stop the proxy games would be great.

other than that, tables with lower round limits could be indeed fun in terms of new strategys.

do i think ryan cares? lol no ;)
PanzerRed wrote
at 8:26 PM, Tuesday April 28, 2020 EDT
I agree...but just for tourneys and just 100 rounds.
Black Flag wrote
at 5:06 PM, Sunday May 3, 2020 EDT
PanzerRed, tell me, how often do you play games with 100 rounds? I can´t even remember the last game i played 1x1 for more than 20 rounds.
The only people in 2020 who likes games with 100 rounds or more, are proxies.
Just think about it.
charliebrown2000 wrote
at 4:22 AM, Monday May 4, 2020 EDT
it's not that i particularly like games that last 50+ rounds, but long and good fights happen, so to have a little buffer i suggested the 100 round limit. still better than no limit.
charliebrown2000 wrote
at 4:23 AM, Monday May 4, 2020 EDT
let it be 70 or 80, idk.
PanzerRed wrote
at 4:42 AM, Monday May 4, 2020 EDT
I don't keep track of how many rounds a game usually goes. I just checked the most recent game on KDice though and it was 31 rounds.

And I do remember playing games where it went to 50 or 60 rounds. It often happens in tourneys where people flag and then 3 and 4 have a long battle while 1 and 2 are on opposite sides and sit and wait. Then 4th loses and 3rd flags out and a long battle for 1 begins with both sides having 8 lands each and +32.

So if the purpose is just to stop the bivo proxies from doing their nefarious tourney-stalling, then 100 rounds will be sufficient. 100 rounds of auto-end probably takes a few minutes. That's not a long wait. And if the 100-round rule is implemented, bivo probably won't even auto-end turn anymore anyway, because it won't be worth it.
Black Flag wrote
at 6:23 PM, Saturday May 9, 2020 EDT
Panzer, even 100 rounds is too much. Because after the game is over, most players who joined the tourney are gone.

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