An auto End Turn checkbox
riccardo wrote
at 9:52 AM, Monday September 8, 2008 EDT
A checkbox for the leader to auto End Turn would help for allowing fights for lower spots. Would be good if the 2nd place player could check as well once the leader does ....

186 people think this is a good idea

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4/4/4/4 wrote
at 6:12 PM, Wednesday September 10, 2008 EDT
I voted because Ryan voted before me :)
JokerXtreme wrote
at 7:40 AM, Sunday November 16, 2008 EST
Yeah i thought the same myself
ProxyCheater wrote
at 1:17 PM, Tuesday November 18, 2008 EST
The sit out button already does this, as long as you remember to sit in every couple of rounds.
JokerXtreme wrote
at 3:26 AM, Sunday November 23, 2008 EST
Yeah that sucks proxy
camicio wrote
at 3:28 AM, Friday November 28, 2008 EST
Obviously needed. You can realized it's needed after you played 3 games...
magicz wrote
at 11:46 PM, Friday March 6, 2009 EST
make this happen it can't be that hard to create
Realize wrote
at 11:53 PM, Monday June 8, 2009 EDT
It would be easy to sneak attack someone once you see theyre auto ending turn
Magic Roundabout wrote
at 12:04 PM, Tuesday June 9, 2009 EDT
no make it so they can't attack higher positions then they can just leave the game knowing that they have there position.

It would make games go so much faster and much easier
[- y c a r u -] wrote
at 3:19 PM, Thursday June 11, 2009 EDT
whole-heartedly second the idea
dr. zoidberg 69 wrote
at 10:59 PM, Saturday June 13, 2009 EDT
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