End global warming
lol Owned wrote
at 1:52 PM, Tuesday April 24, 2007 EDT

20 people think this is a good idea

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JKD wrote
at 3:07 PM, Tuesday April 24, 2007 EDT
you want Ryan to destroy the sun or???????????
fuzzycat wrote
at 3:52 PM, Tuesday April 24, 2007 EDT
JKD, there are other ways to end global warming as destroying the sun. :-)
Flyingpenguins wrote
at 6:21 PM, Tuesday April 24, 2007 EDT
lief79 wrote
at 10:33 PM, Tuesday April 24, 2007 EDT
I think fuzzy wants him to remove the atmosphere. No atmosphere, no global warming.
i.m.a.cyclops wrote
at 10:55 PM, Tuesday April 24, 2007 EDT
then it would be like 300 degrees in the day and -300 at night like on the moon!
aixo wrote
at 7:23 AM, Wednesday April 25, 2007 EDT
perhaps ryan is able to programm kdice so, that it support players who run their computer with solar-energy?
kcoin wrote
at 12:29 PM, Wednesday April 25, 2007 EDT
Ryan should end global warming. The first step to end global warming is to accelerate global warming. Then ice in poles will melt and ice age will come. Then the earth will be no more warm. oh wait...
lol Owned wrote
at 7:22 PM, Thursday April 26, 2007 EDT
I like the warmth
Shevar wrote
at 4:38 AM, Wednesday May 7, 2008 EDT
lol -300
thats not even possible

unless you measure temperature in the most silly unit of all times.
greenoaks wrote
at 7:54 AM, Sunday January 4, 2009 EST
it is for those backwater countries still using Fahrenheit like Belize and the USA.
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