Insulaner15 (Sep 30, 2019 at 20:41:09 EDT): [email protected]??? wins 3,917 against Alperen Kalay, Mark Twain, plhg, Amoliane

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PanzerRed wrote
at 10:06 PM, Monday September 30, 2019 EDT
Kalay protecting his P.G.A. [email protected]??? as usual.
PanzerRed wrote
at 10:08 PM, Monday September 30, 2019 EDT
And then giving him 1st even though the guy hadn't even flagged him.
Alperen Kalay wrote
at 5:44 PM, Tuesday October 1, 2019 EDT
you really well know that i pge others and it was a clear team fight ,us and others before the start.
Stop the nonsense and the lying. I suggest you focus on your life and your own game kid, you are wasting your life as a teenager.
Happy rolling!

PanzerRed wrote
at 12:56 AM, Wednesday October 2, 2019 EDT
You P.G.E. Mark Twain, not Amoliane and not plhg.

Plhg asked, "kill red?" which is something he wouldn't have asked if he knew it was a team game. Also, if it was a team game and everybody had agreed to it beforehand, you wouldn't have needed to write 4 minutes into the game "no i kill purple and his proxy blue" and [email protected]??? wouldn't have needed to write "2v3."

And it's interesting in this "team game," that you told the yellow player plhg, one of the alleged members of the other team, that you were only going to kill "purple and his proxy blue."

And a quick check of Amoliane's stats shows that he plays most of his games without Mark Twain, meaning that he's clearly not Mark Twain's proxy. On the other hand, almost all of [email protected]???'s games are with you.

And it still doesn't explain why [email protected]??? got first. Even if it was a truce (and not P.G.A.), the two of you would have rolled for 1st. But you didn't. Instead you gave him 1st even though you did most of the fighting and had 21 lands, and he had 2 lands.
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