Kenjamin wrote
at 12:33 AM, Saturday December 16, 2006 EST
I've been finding that the game is lagging lately and I lose several turns per game. Is anybody else experiencing this or is it a product of my connection?? I don't think it is because I d/l at about 250k/sec on a regular basis... Anywho, any help is appreciated!

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Vespid wrote
at 1:16 AM, Saturday December 16, 2006 EST
I have been seeing this: several people i have played against (and also myself) have been severely hampered by this. I am currently stuck in a game...
sfsam wrote
at 2:18 AM, Saturday December 16, 2006 EST
I have found that reloading the page works pretty well for me in ending lag. Once I see a "turn" slowing down, I refresh my browser window and I'm pretty much caught up. I may have missed how things got to the new state, and I loose the chat window, but it's a work around until Ryan gets everything fixed.

Try it... What do you think?
Vespid wrote
at 6:44 AM, Saturday December 16, 2006 EST
Hmm... I also got told to do this by someone when my turns kept getting lag-skipped (sorry, i lost your name...) and it helped a lot (i could actually move after i did this... :P whoever you were, thanx :D). So i guess that refreshing works.
algios wrote
at 10:31 AM, Saturday December 16, 2006 EST
Just to underline importance.
Hilu wrote
at 10:35 AM, Saturday December 16, 2006 EST
The game is offline!
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