jamz wrote
at 10:43 AM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
Hi Ryan, not sure if there are others who had this happen to them, but is there a way to award rightful points not allotted due to a temporary game glitch? Here are the specs:
mild's turn
jamz defeated 35/48 -> 26/48
jamz defended 23/48 -> 28/48

jamz's turn
mild surrenders and finishes 2nd. Rating +22 to 1763
mild stands up
jamz finishes 1st. Rating +114 to 1645
jamz stands up

Trying to Get into New Game:
Anarchist sits in
mozzer sits in
[email protected] sits in
jryallbb sits in
Hart sits in
Apam sits in
Skibord sits in
Your rating is 1531. You must have a rating of at least 1600 to sit at this table.

My actual next game:
dasfury's turn
jamz defeated 21/42 -> 5/12
jamz finishes 4th. Rating +39 to 1570
jamz stands up

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Buton wrote
at 10:54 AM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
It's possible that you were sitting in on another game and that you lost points there. In that case your point total would only be updated after the game ended. Always remember to leave seat if you change rooms!

unknown6029227 wrote
at 11:30 AM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
same thing happened to me. i won first place and didn't change tables and just sat in for the next game and saw that my points was still from before my win. has happened to me twice.
frogger1979 wrote
at 11:49 AM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
Just happened to me too! Had 1912 points, got first place and was a little over 2000 (for the first time and very happy). So I left for a bit and came back and it says my score is 1912 again. I dodn't play any games in between or join any other table. I actually just closed the browser and came back a few minutes later. Now I'm sad......
jamz wrote
at 11:56 AM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
yeah, i'm sure i wasn't sitting in on any other games (you can see that my rating stayed at 1531 for a half hour in between game 1 and 2)...not sure if ryan can do anything about it, but thought i'd provide some evidence and give people a chance to vent if this happened to them. so many people are so good nowadays on kdice that it's tough not getting pts if you finish high...
unknown6029227 wrote
at 12:28 PM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
its happened 3 times.......
i either lose points or get first place, which gives me a lot of negative and no positive score. maybe i should just aim for second
Ryan wrote
at 12:37 PM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
It looks like there were some database exceptions thrown on the server. If this happened when It tried to update your score then it would explain this problem. I'm working on a fix right now.
frogger1979 wrote
at 1:15 PM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
Just want ot say THANKS again to Ryan. You continually seem to want ot improve this place and make it a better experience for everyone. Keep up the great work!
Pselus wrote
at 1:53 PM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
awesome to see a reply that it's being fixed.
I was having a similar seems like every time I leave the page and come back, my rating is set to what it was right before I started my last game.
example, I start a game rated at 1624 and win and go to 1696. I leave the website (even close my browser) and come back a few hours later and my rating is 1624.
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