Prince of Persia
greeen wrote
at 11:13 AM, Tuesday May 28, 2024 EDT
Just ignore all bad comments against you. Why do you need to get your point across? Stop striving. Nothing should bother you online. At some point it did for me but now I give zero fucks. I never go on here. Get a life :)

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Lalita Lani wrote
at 11:52 AM, Tuesday May 28, 2024 EDT
You could always go outside. Take a walk. There are lots of better things to do than get bothered by a game :D
Used to be me :"D
Prince Of Persia wrote
at 2:25 AM, Wednesday May 29, 2024 EDT
It's not a point to get across. I'm standing up for myself. I had not played with Lord Death before that tournament. When he saw my flag, he immediately started talking about how "my people" are evil terrorists and murderous, and that I support terrorism.

He knows nothing about me. I've dealt with stereotypes for a long time, and this is not new to me, but it is still wrong. I should not be subjected to being called a terrorist in a game of dice online, and I will always defend myself.

As always, I do not discuss my beliefs with Lord Death. He only makes assumptions, calls me names, and types hateful things on my profile.

I did get a life, this is my life.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:44 AM, Friday May 31, 2024 EDT
For once I totally agree with greeen and lalita... All of this would have been long forgotten and passed unnoticed by all others if you wouldn't talk about it. Use "/mute playername" to not read what offends you any more. Imagine the offender as talking to the wall with nobody caring. I know it is hard, but it is possible (and yes, I myself fail occasionally).

Other than that, life is more than a computer, the games and the avatars you meet there. Go have a good cup of coffee (or whatever you like) with a person you meet for real, not virtually. It is so much better.
CriticalDog wrote
at 10:17 AM, Monday June 10, 2024 EDT
To be fair, for all those telling PoP to just get over it, get thicker skin, or ignore it....

If we had a black person who was having someone constantly screaming the n-word at them in chat, that person would get muted, and possibly banned if they kept it up.

Calling someone a terrorist, especially with today's climate, because they come from a Muslim country, is similar, imo.

I like the guy to an extent, but LD is clearly Islamophobic, and is unable to contain that when he sees someone he believes is Muslim. It is disruptive to chat, and to the game that is being played at the time.
Lord Death wrote
at 7:11 PM, Monday June 10, 2024 EDT
CD, its not the same. I am speaking facts and truth in all my statistics, and asking him if hes a terrorist supporter. I believe he is for 3 reasons. 1 he refuses to say anything about how wrong it is that people are being murdered. 2 he is a crybaby little bitch and he won't man up. Case and point, this was now almost half a year ago, and yall are still talking about it. Who gives a flying fuck? On what planet has any issue, and there have been far worse, ever been made such a fuss over? 3rd do you see the reviews on his page where he used to do the same thing towards America and Americans? He used to shit on Americans. So fuck him. 4th and most importantly he stabbed me in a game
because I said something along the lines of "free israel, down with Hamas". I said it in the chat in general in defense of israel. I don't know or care what the Persian flag looks like, don't know or care what religion they have. Then he rejected my flag and killed me. And then bitched to everyone about me yelling at him afterwards, and ad ribbing and putting words in my mouth.

Again though. Who gives a fuck? Get over it. Yeah I think their religion is fake and sucks. Get over it. Yeah he killed me in a game. Get over it. I have a permanent pge on him, and he likely has one on me. Who fucking cares? Why is this even being discussed? Why are there so many forum posts about it?
CriticalDog wrote
at 11:52 AM, Tuesday June 11, 2024 EDT
It's 100% the same.

Would you keep asking someone who is Irish if they support Terrorism? I suspect you would not.

You have allowed your distaste for Islam and the actions of a small % of them to skew your view on everything having to do with it.

I don't want to hear your incorrect take on how the Quran calls for this or that or the other. The Bible does the same thing, and I'm not going to attempt to educate you again on how Islam works and WHY it is the way it is in some ways, as you refuse to even entertain the idea that you could be wrong, or that you are hounding an innocent person based on your personal biases.

Islam is, for sure, fake. As is every other religion. All of them, every single one.

And they all, ALL have extremists. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, even Buddhists and probably all the other minor faiths that are out there. You single out Islam, and harass someone needlessly.

Build a bridge, my friend, and get over it. Your behavior only furthers the idea (not held by PoP, I am certain) that everyone in the West hates Islam and views everyone in the Middle East as terrorist. Which is wrong in every conceivable way.
Lord Death wrote
at 3:36 PM, Tuesday June 11, 2024 EDT
CD, flat out, if youre going to call me a liar, you have zero basis for that, youre wrong, and you need to do some research. I study theology. I have read the Quran, the Vedas, and the Tripitakas the 3 times each, the Tanakh and the Bible 5 or 6 times. I study global events as well and I use data driven information. You feel like you're talking to a brick wall because I work off history and accuracy and knowledge. If you can't accept that, then maybe you should consider why you can't instead of directing your political correctness compass at me.

And again, the guy hates Americans. Why am I obligated to like him?

And again, how is that your business?

And again, who cares? Why can't you get over it yourself?
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:08 AM, Wednesday June 12, 2024 EDT
The problem with statistics and "data driven" approaches is, that neither of these do supply rational cause-effect relations. You can have statistical correlation but that does not mean there is a real world cause-effect given. The best known example of this is the clear correlation between the presence of storks and the birth of children in former times. I do hope that all of us know that the storks are not the cause for the children or vice versa, still the correlation is there.

In other words, after having detected statistical effects you have to use other means (intelligence) to discover cause-effect relations. Unfortunately, at this point, another nice saying is just too true: Complex problems have easy to understand, simple, wrong answers...

Finally, the vast majority of all caught criminals in history have been eating bread before their deeds. Remove bread from the planet as there is a clear relation between eating bread first and committing crimes afterwards...
Shevar wrote
at 10:07 AM, Wednesday June 12, 2024 EDT
Honestly, while i think that all religions are silly stories, i don't doubt that islam and terrorism have the strongest correlation of all religions in the last couple of decades. It probably looks a lot different when you look further in the past. Also, what constitutes as a terror attack? Was the Sovjet invasion of afghanistan a terror attack? Or the support of the support of the 1953 coup in iran? There are countless expamples of terrible violent acts against humans that are not classified as terror just because the agent is a state or a state agency.

I do not think religion is the main issue. A much stronger correlation is the gender of the terrorists. Now i'm not that deep into the numbers on this, so maybe LD can help me out here, but how many terrorist attacks have been committedby males and how many by females? Maybe that's the correlation we ought to look at.
Lord Death wrote
at 1:13 PM, Tuesday June 18, 2024 EDT
Louis, you're using too many argument fallacies, so i'm not going to bother. The ones I noticed offhand were red herring, slippery slope, hasty generalization (note: i said hasty specifically, generalization is NOT a logical fallacy). I'm not going to keep circling the same arguments when people don't know how to think or do research.

Shevar, yes actually! Military invasions into other countries still counted as terrorist attacks in the reports, and the number of Islamic attacks were still that incredible percentage. Again, over 48,000 islamic based attacks in 50 years. The list of the is on another one of Prince of Persia's posts. Also, it is not a hasty generalization to say their religion is the issue. "Allah ackbar" being a known trigger word before a bombing, taking claim to terrorist attacks, surviving terrorists themselves only talking about their faith and what Allah told them to do (like the men who murder their wives and daughters), and a million other reasons, would indicate it's a hugely correlated issue. While correlation doesn't always equal causation, it's silly to say correlation never equals causation - situations with any lack of alignment are rare.

Importantly, I agree about gender being also correlated. According to the National Intelligence Agency for the USA, they state roughly 20% of terrorists are female. I can't give you an exact quantity because I've never done that research. The research I have done, however, is that roughly 79% of all suicides (in America) are by men.
This is where I stray from fact and turn to conjecture - I believe that men's mental health is a huge problem. We have higher testosterone, we are the gender that historically has done all the hunting and fighting and etc from the stone age through today, and we also don't have the support system that women have. Although this doesn't fix the islamic religion and this is technically considered a red herring logical fallacy because you're getting away from the original argument, I do believe men have mental health needs that aren't being made, based on the numbers and statistics, and need a support system.
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