Mods - Lord Death continues to use Islamaphobia
Prince Of Persia wrote
at 3:34 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT

I am here only to play this dice game. I want to have friendly banter with all players. Lord Death not only PGE's me (which is fine) but relentlessly speaks negatively about Islam and Muslims despite my numerous pleas with him to not discuss these topics. This is not an appropriate way to speak to people, and certainly violates Kdice rule on hate speech. In addition, he left an anti-Muslim review on my page, and in the prior thread, doubled down on it and added more anti-Muslim comments, rather than removing his review.

Mods or Ryan, please address this. I'd like the anti-Muslim review removed from my page, and I'd like to be able to play in tournaments without being accused of supporting terrorism.

-Thank you.

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Lord Death wrote
at 3:53 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT
Dude. Go. Away. Stop stalking me. I've actively tried ignoring you. You actively pursue me, constantly. You're being a creepy stalker. You follow me around, ask me which tourney i'm playing next, and keep saying stuff to me directly and try to get my attention when I ignore you. The first half of this game is me ignoring you. I clearly hate you. You just keep coming back for more, trying to get more out of me, and then posting it on public forums when you think you've "got me". Quit being such a drama queen. Just stop. You're an annoying loser. Get over yourself.
Prince Of Persia wrote
at 4:07 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT

I'm not searching for drama. I'm trying to be kind because the Mods suggested that asking you nicely to remove your review is the best way to have it removed.

I also ask you numerous times in numerous tournaments to stop calling me a terrorist and terrorist supporter. I'd like to be able to be in the same tournament with you without the hostility and the anti-Muslim comments.

Again, please remove the Anti-Muslim review on my page and stop calling me a terrorist.
Lord Death wrote
at 4:22 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT
You're not searching for drama, but you're actively stalking me and pursuing me despite my repeated attempts to tell you to leave me alone and have made THREE forum discussions about me? Makes sense.

You asked numerous times in numerous tournaments to stop calling you a terrorist and terrorist supporter, but refuse to accept responsibility for stabbing me in a tourney, getting me banned, continue to lie and disrespect my wishes to be left alone and just in general do exactly what I said most of y'all do for months, while also trying to narrate the dialogue to suit you, refuse to accept facts, and call everything I say Islamophobic when it's just true, hard, accurate fact? Makes sense.

You want drama to go away? Literally just don't respond, and stop trying to constantly talk to me when I clearly know who you really are and want nothing to do with you. It's not that hard. Nothing you are doing is changing how I feel and I'm not going to back down about it. It very much feels like all you're trying to do is egg me on and get a rise out of me. You're like a petulant little child, being a trouble maker and then trying to get away with it by playing victim.
Prince Of Persia wrote
at 4:28 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT
Who is "most of ya'll?"

This is my biggest issue. I'm not a terrorist. I've never discussed anything to do with politics or religion or my beliefs with you, and you treat me this way solely based on the country that I'm from.

That's wrong. I'm not a terrorist. I don't support terrorism. It's so offensive the way you speak to me without knowing me at all.
Lord Death wrote
at 5:09 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT
Ok, just continue to ignore everything I say and nitpick. I'll do the same. Are you muslim? Yiu saud you never discussed politics, but when you stabbed me, you made it clear you did so in supoort of muslim terrorism against islamophobia. Your inability to accept truth as truth, instead of Islamophobia, also makes me think you support islamic terrorism. Why wont you comment on those statements? They're pretty simple.
fiero600 wrote
at 8:11 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT

I feel like you told on yourself

"when you stabbed me, you made it clear you did so in supoort of muslim terrorism against islamophobia"

Your comment admits that he backstabbed you because of comments you made against Islam, instead of you making comments about Islam because he backstabbed you.

Either way, all the terrorism talk is absurd. Terrorism is a pretty intense accusation for a dice game.
Lord Death wrote
at 8:30 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT
fiero600, telling on myself for what, disliking muslims? What's your point, I've never denied that? You're toxic all the time too. Who cares? You and I got back and forth with toxicity all the time, it's not a big deal. But i've been constantly harrassed by him since i got back, and all hes doing is proving my point. And all I've done has been ignore him or state facts, in defense of myself, and to counter his lies from the original tournament. Have you noticed that he hasn't denied anything I've accused him of or accepted any truth either? Have you noticed how much hes harrassing me and playing the victim while actively fucking pursuing me? Why are you taking his side? He's a little manipulative snake in the grass.
gnice37 wrote
at 9:26 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT
i have a scheduled meeting w/ ryan coming up first week of june....i will ask ryan to remove it from your wall...we didnt have a meeting in may, i had to go away for a few days, but i wont forget and have ryan remove it
Lord Death wrote
at 9:41 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT
Great - can you also ban him for constantly harassing me?
Shevar wrote
at 2:05 AM, Friday May 24, 2024 EDT
Nobody reads that shit. Why do you care?
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