Lord Death wrote
at 12:54 PM, Thursday May 23, 2024 EDT
So, this week Diveliz hit level 100 and decided to shake up his life - quitting kdice and getting a new job as well.
Diveliz has been a player here since I first joined, the better part of 2 decades ago. He and I had PGAs, PGEs, rivalries, and friendships. An all encompassing player that I've had a lot of fun playing against. I will miss playing against him.

Super proud of him for pushing forward in life though and just wanted to let everyone know so that, if he ever comes back, he can see all your goodbyes.

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Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:40 AM, Friday May 31, 2024 EDT
The 100 is well deserved.

And although Div and I haven't been best buddies all of the time and had our moments, I would like to express the hope that Diveliz will make a return after getting the job and alike sorted out.

Prioritizing life over an online game is the right choice - but there has to be time for some relaxation in life.
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