Voo wrote
at 6:06 PM, Sunday April 28, 2024 EDT
Ununderstandable. Many tournaments do not open, even so, they have point limits. We are three crazy cats playing, we could free them of points and have more players. Free rolls, 100 and 250.

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gnice37 wrote
at 9:33 PM, Monday April 29, 2024 EDT
last month we started w/ raising the cap on freerolls. the new cap is 50k and was just a start of a few new ideas. i had a busy month w/ work this month and will be away for a week in may...after that i plan on having another meeting w/ ryan about some of the other tournaments to have cap limit changed...this is going to take a little bit of time, but i am hoping these changes will help get players back...thx for your input Voo, greatly appreciated. if any more ideas, please share on forum for me or you can put on my wall or reviews....thx again
Voo wrote
at 4:05 PM, Tuesday April 30, 2024 EDT
Thank you very much for the response Greg, as always.
In my case, mostly, I can play at night. There aren't many crazy people playing. The only fun thing is the tournaments, then you have to talk to the bot.
I also think it would help them accumulate points and encourage high draws.
greeen wrote
at 1:20 AM, Monday May 6, 2024 EDT
hi voo
Voo wrote
at 5:12 PM, Tuesday May 14, 2024 EDT
Hi green!! good to read you, long time!
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