A question of tactics vs honor
fiero600 wrote
at 2:22 PM, Friday February 2, 2024 EST
Here's the Scenario.

Red is on the far left of the map, green is to his right, then purple, and then yellow on the far right.

In this scenario all 4 players have similar numbers of lands. Yellow's lands are the most stacked, but he is completely blocked in by purple, who has him surrounded with smaller stacks. As a result, purple flags yellow so that yellow doesn't kill him. Green follow's suit and also flags yellow.

The scenario hinges on red's actions. At the time, he has a fairly even fight with green and purple, but he has not flagged to red, who at the moment poses no immediate threat. When asked if he flags to yellow (who is on the other end of the map) he stays silent.

As a result of Red's silence, Yellow cuts through both purple and green, slicing them in half to reach red. Once yellow has reached red, red finally flags to yellow, and yellow accepts. At that point, the danger has arrived, and red cannot possibly fight all three players.

Now, Red has a much easier fight with green and purple as they're cut in half, and eventually goes on to secure 2nd.

So, has Red acted dishonorably by waiting until Yellow goes through green, and purple, or are these standard tactics?

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fiero600 wrote
at 2:23 PM, Friday February 2, 2024 EST
Should say, "but he has not flagged to yellow"
at 1:55 PM, Sunday February 4, 2024 EST
it all boils down to the irksome, still unsolved transitivity issue, so what's your take on this, fiero?
fiero600 wrote
at 10:20 PM, Sunday February 4, 2024 EST
Div, I was Red.

My stance, which i still hold, is that yellow should have rejected purple's flag.

When yellow rejected purple's flag, he was trapped behind purple, which prevented him from being able to grow and secure 1st. My argument then, and now, is that as the red player who hasn't flagged anyone... that's not MY problem. If I haven't flagged you and you've just accepted a flag that prevents you from leaving your corner, I'm not flagging until you change your mind...or I'm going to kill the people who flagged you and then kill you.

I frequently reject flags if accepting them will prevent me from winning the game.
fiero600 wrote
at 10:20 PM, Sunday February 4, 2024 EST
Sorry, when yellow Accepted* purple's flag.
deffonotTimer wrote
at 11:13 PM, Monday February 5, 2024 EST
you need to provide the replay links in the future for neutral and more accurate judgement

as described, it seems that yels 1st was never seriously threatened and you just tried to freeroll him until he knocked at the door

easiest solution for these scenarios is for yel to say "red do you flag? once i go through, i wont accept it anymore" to simply force the flag, or alternatively kill red if they force him to go through (without much debate / whining)
that way he secures his 1st easily in a way that doesnt ruin his allies

as played, i think yel should still kill red

has red acted dishonorably? no, i think reds play is fine if hes aware of the potential consequences and yel should do better to not get played
CriticalDog wrote
at 10:08 AM, Monday February 12, 2024 EST
But some folks have been very clear about "I don't ask for flags, if you don't flag I will attack you".

Which complicates the issue, as that rule itself seems to be enforced variably by people which makes it uncertain as to if someone is just assuming a flag, or silent truced, or what.
greeen wrote
at 12:36 AM, Sunday February 18, 2024 EST
i would tell yellow or whoever is blocking you to fight somebody to move outta the way cos youre coming to fight, and the ones who flagged the people that can't come out are weak and should quit the game and go play
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