Starting high games
Makica wrote
at 7:02 PM, Sunday December 10, 2023 EST
Hello everyone,

The way I understand it, 0 and 100 games start as soon as there are two players, while 500+ games start when there are more players, which is never, so they never start.

Why not have 500+ games also start whenever there are two players? This would make the single-table games run more often and make them competitive for the leaderboard.


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deffonotTimer wrote
at 9:30 PM, Sunday December 10, 2023 EST
1v1s arent a good competitive format

also would make it too easy for people to funnel points / collude if they started with less players.

higher tables still start pretty regularly during eu hours, later evening / na hours its been pretty dead for a while.

posting in the discord that youre looking to play can help or just to stay seated while playing 0s/100s


the issue with the current competitions is that theyve lost all value as they are fundamentally unfair, so people dont care to put up with the waiting times and get these games going when there isnt an incentive to start them. consequently, nobody logs onto the game in the evening, as you cant expect to get any games in a reasonable amount of time, and this place stays as abandoned.

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