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Created wrote
at 3:35 AM, Sunday August 27, 2023 EDT
Can we please get the tournament entry requirements changed?

Im not sure what the current points restriction is to join freerolls, 100 and 250 tourneys, but can we get it reduced to say...0?

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Aleksa_bre wrote
at 1:36 AM, Tuesday September 19, 2023 EDT
I suggest to make tourney system like in gpokr. Why should be here different. no max restriction to join them, so in that case members dont have such a advantage like its now
gnice37 wrote
at 8:06 PM, Thursday September 21, 2023 EDT
had a chat w/ ryan tonight. sending him ideas over the weekend. most likely will change freerolls first, then look into the others...thx for the post
deffonotTimer wrote
at 7:28 PM, Monday September 25, 2023 EDT
The reason is simple - to prevent tournaments from determining the monthly competition. Currently it's strongly shifted in that direction, with most months being decided by people putting in lots of volume in regular tournaments and the lower tables. Back when this site was a lot more active and successful, competitions would primarily be decided by 5ks. It was where the top players duked it out, and it would take both skill and lots of games to get the gold. The game had many more players, spectators, interesting dynamics, and a higher quality of play. Tournaments just aren't as great for competitive play.

Regarding members tournaments - they should be neutralized by introducing a cap on how many points count towards the monthly competition, let's say at 20k. That way, members would still be guaranteed a free blue and reap all the other benefits, like leveling up and gaining career points, and being able to sit at higher tables with those points but wouldn't ruin the integrity of the competition. Currently kdice is pay to win which is horrendous for a site that is already dying. People can just squeeze out free 150k/month simply by clicking "join" to those tournaments and get cheesy golds, thereby disincentivizing people who play the actual game from participating in the monthly competitions. People's activity and motivation to play (especially at high tables) is just not there when it's fundamentally unfair. For now, one can only hope that people stop exploiting it.

Either way, Ryan probably won't change anything. If he intends to fix something, the top priorities should be the errors that returning players experience that immediately make them lose interest in the game, such as having to scroll all the way up when making moves and the Apache error (when you can't access the site unless you delete cookies or use incognito). Those who return from a longer hiatus often don't know how to fix this stuff on their own and don't care enough to bother. We've lost many who would otherwise still be playing. Also, adding mods is desperately needed - sadly there are more proxy users than many people seem to realise, and nobody to take care of that. Then fixing the members tournaments situation and restoring integrity to monthly competitions.

There's plenty more that could improve the game, but these are the most pressing issues.
Skyler wrote
at 6:34 AM, Tuesday September 26, 2023 EDT
deffonotTimer every word is true.

Ryan hasn't done anything notable since i was last here, witch is almost a decade ago.

I've texted him over a period of many years, NEVER got a response. I even asked to buy the domain so the game could run as before. Even asked to run as one of the MODS. But he don't care, as long as some members are willing to pay.

This game is in a coma. This was never his proud baby...
at 6:54 AM, Tuesday September 26, 2023 EDT
which brings me to my main point: stop paying money for this broken uncurated game. that way all the members keep disincentivizing ryan from fixing it for good - or letting it finally die in dignity.
gnice37 wrote
at 11:48 PM, Tuesday September 26, 2023 EDT
In the past, i have been more successful when asking Ryan to work on a short list then to give him a huge task. The things i asked about for Kdice are:

Email confirmations to be fixed, asked Ryan to fix the apache error when logging in (so we don"t have to clear caches or use incognito), and also asked about fixing the site so we don't need to make sure we are scrolled up to top of screen so we can attack and play.

Finally i asked for freerolls to be changed. after talking to a few players i think it is best to have a cutoff. I proposed to change freerolls to 5000 pt bonus instead of 10000pts, change the amount of players to 21 instead of 27, and finally asked for the cutoff to be at 50,000 pts.

I want to thank everyone for the input they gave me, it was a lot of info and i hope to keep using that info to help improve Kdice for everyone. Like i said above, don't want to flood Ryan with a big list , so we can keep coming up with more ideas and i can send in future. Hopefully, we can get the above taken care of and work on the other issues that i have discussed with some of the players.
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