please ban racist Avigdor
SHO-GUN wrote
at 10:11 AM, Wednesday May 24, 2023 EDT
avigdor: so i told him he shouldnt ever falg me
avigdor: you can go and suck yuor partner's dick
avigdor: Jap
SHO-GUN: you are not only childish
SHO-GUN: but also racist fucker
avigdor: fuck you, pussyeyed
SHO-GUN: whereever you are from
DIVELIZ: love is in the air
avigdor: yeah, love to kill that bitch
SHO-GUN: you guys should not accept racist players here
SHO-GUN: honestly
avigdor: go back to Tokio tribunal, Hirohito

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gnice37 wrote
at 9:21 PM, Wednesday May 24, 2023 EDT
i will post a warning. Next time, please give me the actual hand number so i have proof. Not saying i dont believe you, but i need to have proof for the ban...thx
gnice37 wrote
at 9:22 PM, Wednesday May 24, 2023 EDT
sho-gun, sorry didnt see the review w/ the actual hand number. i had already posted the warning.
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