Kdice supports rape, harassment, bullying and cyberstalking
Dude111 wrote
at 1:38 AM, Tuesday January 24, 2023 EST
The lack of moderation in this community and cyberstalking by Generalstab has made me decide this is no longer a healthy place to have fun and a toxic dangerous place. Women are harassed and followed table to table and constantly told about rape by Ipe. Goodbye to a poorly moderated community I am done.

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Generalstab wrote
at 1:52 AM, Tuesday January 24, 2023 EST
You start harass me and now you cry
greeen wrote
at 11:56 AM, Tuesday January 24, 2023 EST
bring back xsketch!
gnice37 wrote
at 8:11 PM, Tuesday January 24, 2023 EST
bold statement...this site does not support rape or harassment...all you need to do is give the evidence. post the hand number so kdice mods or i can actually see the evidence
gnice37 wrote
at 8:12 PM, Tuesday January 24, 2023 EST
I try to help the site out. I normally mod for gpokr. if you give me the evidence, then i can support the chat ban, etc. please remember i am only online for about 2 to 3 hrs a night
Louis Cypher wrote
at 8:33 AM, Tuesday February 21, 2023 EST
Provide evidence. While this place surely is poorly moderated, in serious cases like the one described by you, there has been a reaction.
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