Louis Cypher for Mod promotion!
Created wrote
at 8:45 PM, Sunday November 13, 2022 EST
Id like to make a motion that the arbiter of truth and righteousness that we have come to love, that character that is Louis Cypher, who long overdue has stood for the justice of kdice law, and pressed forward through adversity in all strength practicing polite etiquette, who is long overdue for such privilege, be made into a moderator!

please comment below:

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at 3:03 AM, Monday November 14, 2022 EST
I'd love to see how long it'd take him to temp-ban, or at least chat-ban himself for, well, being himself. ;-D
Generalstab wrote
at 5:20 AM, Monday November 14, 2022 EST
Never. Look his Reviews
Louis Cypher wrote
at 6:59 AM, Monday November 14, 2022 EST
I totally agree with both Created and Diveliz here.

On the one hand it is true and hopefully visible and believable by most that I am very much interested and devoted to a fair and non-cheating game. Created pointed this out in a very kind way. I would like to add here that Created and myself had our encounters, but we do respect each other.

On the other hand Diveliz is totally right in pointing out that I have had severe incidences of totally crossing any line in terms of wordings and statements in chat. I am trying to control this and hope that some success is visible, nevertheless it does place a significant shadow on this account.

Therefor, I do feel honored by the proposal but do not think that the LC-account is suitable for the roll of moderator.

This does neither discuss or answer the aspect of my willingness to consider such an effort nor the availability of the requested time to sufficiently address the requirements I'd have to a good mod. After all, there is no need for a bad mod, is there?
Created wrote
at 7:20 AM, Monday November 14, 2022 EST
AND HUMBLE TOO! Even more reason to promote!
Pokemon Trainer wrote
at 8:19 AM, Monday November 14, 2022 EST
i humbly don't recommend :)
Aleksa_bre wrote
at 9:05 AM, Monday November 14, 2022 EST
I vote for Louis
Dude111 wrote
at 1:31 PM, Monday November 14, 2022 EST
this is a troll post? I say we make Louis the CEO of kdice instead
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