Is new AIBotPlayer just a verbally abusive troll?
Dude111 wrote
at 11:13 PM, Thursday November 10, 2022 EST

He always says
AlBotPIayer: Thanks for the game, C U Next Time.

CUNextTime = CUNT? Pretty sure thats what the guy who made this bot intended or it would be See you next time or See You Next Time.

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Token Ese wrote
at 11:24 PM, Thursday November 10, 2022 EST
It was actually pretty funny to get to that table and see you lose your shit over that bot player as it beat you in a couple straight games. I think you're just as big of a verbally abusive troll on this site, if not bigger.

AlBotPIayer: Good luck!
Dude111: fuck you
Dude111: a fucking asshole bot
Dude111: choke on a dick i hope your server dies
Dude111: fucking asshole pos
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Dude111 wrote
at 4:39 AM, Friday November 11, 2022 EST
cool so now you're trolling me on a post about trolling, so meta
Louis Cypher wrote
at 4:44 AM, Friday November 11, 2022 EST
I am quite certain the frigging crap asshole bot is cheating just to piss the more sensitive characters like Dude an me off. It is good in doing so.

Aside: I so fully understand your reaction Dude.
Dude111 wrote
at 4:45 AM, Friday November 11, 2022 EST
I think the bot is well designed except for calling me a cunt every game which is what pisses me off.
Created wrote
at 7:07 PM, Sunday November 13, 2022 EST
I love that this is even a thread.

How you come up naturally taking the piss is gold! Can u not totally turn this up a level or would you clam up not talking at this point?
Created wrote
at 8:38 PM, Sunday November 13, 2022 EST
Also, in the very unlikely event that this is a genuine post your feedback has been received :D

AIBotPlayer: Thanks for the game, see you next time.
AIBotPlayer is here
AIBotPlayer is here
Sniksir: roll for 2?
JayJay8: sure
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Slinus wrote
at 3:56 PM, Friday November 18, 2022 EST
C U Next Time!
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